Twisted Cinnamon Bread

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Okay so I saw this online and just had to try it.  It looked so easy to make look so beautiful and who doesn’t love a cinnamon bread/bun?  I remember my mother making cinnamon buns and they were always soooo good….  but they also seemed like so much work.  This bread is super easy.  And the house smells so amazing!

So… now that some of us have to shut our windows due to the chilled weather, maybe it’s time to bake some cinnamony goodness… no?

I pretty much followed this recipe and these instructions.  The only caution I would have is to say try not to twist in such a way that the sugar and cinnamon lay right on the pan, the sugar will get pretty hard and will burn before the bun/bread is fully baked.  Otherwise… enjoy… I sure did!

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