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French Macarons

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Happy New Year!! Two big and beautiful cookbooks have been sitting on my table since before Christmas just waiting for their turn. I was determined not to get sidetracked, because it’s so easy for me to do. The Christmas baking … Continue reading

Czech Vanilla Crescents or Vanilkove Rohlicky

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  Another year of Christmas baking is coming to a close.  This year, unlike other years, I’ve made only a few choice traditional Czech Christmas cookies, Marokanky, Linzer, Gingerbread and Carpenter Curls.  I made enough of each to share and … Continue reading

Kilcona Dog Park Dog Fest 2016

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I serendipitously got involved with the Kilcona Park Dog Park board several months ago and really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I started taking our beast there because he loves to run and we wanted to … Continue reading

Kulajda – Sour Dill Soup

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Some foods seem to be an acquired taste, or maybe just for some people. I’m not sure, what I am sure of is that this soup is one my mother loves. We didn’t have it very often, my father wasn’t … Continue reading

Rawhide Breadsticks

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It’s April 2nd and it’s snowing in our corner of the world.  I’ve been feeling lousy, battling a headache for over two weeks and my big Friday night was passing out on the couch by 8:00 pm and getting up … Continue reading

BRIEchon Cherry Cheesecakes

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Sometimes things happen that make you play with food in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise. I recently became a board member at one of the city’s dog parks. This is something new to me – dog parks. I had … Continue reading

Southern Pulled Pork and Slaw

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I’ve never been much of a fan of pulled pork, not sure why, just didn’t seem to ever find it had much flavour.  It was always a meal I could take or leave.  The only recipe I ever liked was … Continue reading

Parsley and Mint Dog Breath Cookies

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It’s Valentine’s Day and our celebration this year is to relax, have a great dinner with good steak, seafood and roasted veggies and to binge watch Breaking Bad.  We’ve been on holidays and spent a beautiful week out in Falcon … Continue reading


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Calzone… Stromboli… pizza pop…… I know this dish to go by many names. Though each are different the essence of them remains similar… pizza in hand held form and easy to move from freezer to oven to plate to mouth. … Continue reading

Italian Sausage and Cabbage Pasta

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Yum Sometimes there are recipes that are so simple and tasty that it’s ridiculous. This is one of those. I have been enjoying this every so often for over 25 years and I first found this in a cookbook that … Continue reading