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Green Beans with Dill Sauce

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Yum I have always loved green beans and have eaten them most of my life.  I know people eat them baked or roasted with almonds or with canned soups and canned fried onions in casseroles.  I’ve never been much a … Continue reading

Ground Turkey Stew – Dukan Friendly

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Yum Sometimes you just need to get back to basics and clean eating and that’s what I’m aiming for these days. I’m trying to eat in a way that makes me feel good. For me that means staying away from … Continue reading

Two Ingredient Pizza Dough

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Yum Tonight I have found my zen! We love pizza.  I could seriously eat it everyday but I only like super thin crusts and I like the crust to be crispy.  Super thin and super crispy crusts are hard to … Continue reading

Berry Dirty Tart

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Yum We’re celebrating my baby’s birthday this wonderful and crazy hot Sunday evening and each birthday I try to make a requested dish.  Often I’ll ask for requests and though I hate to make the same things twice this dish … Continue reading

Homemade Chewy Candy

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Yum Admittedly I haven’t been cooking anything photo worthy lately since I’ve been busy in the flower beds fighting off little beetles and weeds and planting perennials in an overwhelmingly large space that has been overgrowing for many years before … Continue reading