Cajun Wings and Matchstick Fries

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Fried Dinner0016

I am not even going to apologize… nope… not for single second.  To be clear, I’m also not going to point this post out to my health care professional, because even though I am not apologetic in any way, I’m also not a psychopath and I’m well aware that I should be riddled with guilt as a result of what I’m about to share with you.

Fried Dinner0014

Look at these!!!!!  Seriously!  Who among us does not go weak at the knees at the sight of fried food? Yes, I know — It’s much more popular to brag about having a glass of wine or a weakness for chocolate or something a little more seemingly refined…and there is a time and place for that. I say let’s not forget the underdog — the deep fried crispy, juicy and well seasoned mini foods that we love and love to hate … I for one think that fried foods are lacking in air time these days.  I do not discriminate… Make no mistake… I have a very long list of foods that make me h.a.p.p.y!  And today — May long weekend Monday, when it snowed… YES… snowed after it poured freezing rain overnight… All this just after we experienced an unexpected reprieve from electricity for most of the daylight hours in our neck of the woods thanks to a very windy, cold and dreary day… I think these are well deserved. Can’t you just taste them?

Fried Dinner0039


We tried a new piece of kitchen equipment a little while ago — you know the one… add a spoon of oil and set it awhirl for what — 30 minutes you say!  Much too long to have to wait between batches of the food most of us burn our fingers on as we grab for them while they’re still blazing hot… and small batches. The wings were not bad that way but the matchstick fries just could not be accomplished.  I hesitate to admit that we cleaned the day old kitchen machine and ran…. ran I tell you… back to the store regretful that we ever even thought for a second that it might be remotely capable of achieving the same results that the good old fashioned and out of fashion deep fryer would…. because it just DIDN’T.


Fried Dinner0033

So why fight what works?  It just doesn’t make sense does it?  We didn’t think so, so after I had made P throw out our very old and clunky deep fryer and after we tried to replace it with that trendy kitchen gadget we gave in to our undeniable love for fried food and bought a new deep fryer, filled it with oil… yes…. OIL and set to work on some true unabashed comfort food.  So here you go… I dare you to indulge in these… maybe not everyday, that would just be wrong, but once in a while when the world outside seems to be going insane and you need some comfort in the form of fried food….. OMG… they are so damned good!


Fried Dinner0005

Chicken Wings

  • couple dozen wings
  • bowl full of flour
  • Seasoning of choice
  • *** and yes…. a deep fryer!

Dredge the wings in flour as you wait for the fryer to heat up… toss the floured wings into the fryer and cook for 7-9 minutes.  Toss the fried wings into a bowl lined with a paper towel or two and season quickly with your seasoning of choice….. enjoy… don’t make excuses… just simply enjoy!

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