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Cherry Cheesecake Chocolate Brownies

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Yum We all have those times in life when everything comes together to generate one of those perfect moments. When you wish time could just stop so that you could enjoy it a little longer and not have it slip … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Brownie

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Yum Usually when people hear the words, ‘unexpected vacation’ they think that someone was whisked off to a tropical destination; sun kissed sandy beaches, short loose dresses, sunscreen and plane rides to distant and beautiful places. I wish that were … Continue reading

Kôprová Omáčka – Dill Sauce with Dumplings (Knedliky) and Beef

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Yum It’s a ‘sit by a roaring fire, read a good book, enjoy good meal’ kind of day at our house today.   Spring was in the air yesterday and after some necessary tasks we sat out on the deck and … Continue reading

Maple Bourbon Banana Bread Pudding

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Are you having a full moon kind of day? …. Did you have a full moon kind of week? Feeling like finding a way to incorporate booze into your life, when a drink is not only appropriate but also inevitable? … Continue reading

Fried Pickerel Cheeks

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Yum It’s not deep fried! Yes it is. No. It’s not… its pan fried. Just because it’s fried in a PAN doesn’t mean it’s not deep fried. But it’s in a PAN. But it’s still fried in oil. Deep fried … Continue reading