Sweet Poppy Seed Pasta

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Life seems to be reflecting art this week… see self portrait below.  🙂  Or at least that’s the case in my twisted, confused and jumbled perception of things. I’ve had to suck up the last of my vacation time before our fiscal year end and so that means that I’m off work for the next week… Whooo hooo! P isn’t able to take any time off so that also means that I am all alone. Nothing but time to wander around the house, make some carefully planned out decisions about what gets done first. I already have a very long list of things that I’d like to get to that would normally cut into my weekends.

I can get caught up on some baking I want to do for Easter Weekend, I can take pictures, plant my seedlings, write a few blog posts to have handy for when time is lacking; all these plans and then suddenly when I’m on the precipice of all this time… BAM!


Poppyseed pasta0217


I woke up this morning or should I say afternoon… I never sleep THAT much! Feeling as though a truck just ran over me. My head is full of scrambled noodles… 🙁 though my mind has been organizing a list of things to do; covertly my body seems to have programmed a different kind of week. Perhaps it’s the universe’s way of forcing a break? Perhaps it’s a way to force me to nap, pushing aside the guilt of wasting some precious moments to indulge in INDULGENT behaviors.


Poppyseed pasta0211


My week will move in slow motion… I will wander around the house and be lost. I will sleep in. I will nap. I will read a little and read slower. I will cook foods that will make me happy. I will take some pictures. I will still get done most of the things I had planned but I will just get to it all a little slower than usual. Wait a sec… what the hell… This is all starting to sound like a most appropriate mantra for a well-adjusted holiday and not a passive aggressive way to deal with a bug that is invading my body. YIKES… Perhaps it’s more friend than foe!





Turning lemons into lemonade… turning foe to friend… and turning a muddled noodle head into the best tasting noodle recipe from my childhood…. YUMMY!


Poppyseed pasta0247



  • 2 servings homemade pasta (and 2 may not be enough… I ate both!)
  • 2 Tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 tablespoons fresh poppy seeds (lightly ground, which I didn’t do)


Poppyseed pasta0230


Once the noodles are cooked take them out of the boiling water, drain and immediately add the butter allowing it to melt. Sprinkle the mixture with sugar while still hot so that the sugar dissolves. Add the poppy seeds and mix. Serve immediately… or eat cold… it doesn’t matter… either way it is pure comfort food that is heavenly!


Poppyseed pasta0243


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    • Pussycat says:

      Poppy seeds do have a taste on their own, it’s not really sweet but they pair really well with a little bit of sugar and butter… and thanks… LOL… I do love polka dots! 🙂 If you’ve never had sweet pasta you should give it a try… I think you’ll be surprised at how good and addictive it is.

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