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Sweet Poppy Seed Pasta

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Yum Life seems to be reflecting art this week… see self portrait below.  🙂  Or at least that’s the case in my twisted, confused and jumbled perception of things. I’ve had to suck up the last of my vacation time before … Continue reading

Vdolky – Czech Donuts – Beignets?

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Yum Dare I say these are just as good as Beignets?  I’ll admit, as much as I try to stay off carbs I can’t help craving these.  One of our favourite things when we were on our trip to New … Continue reading

Chicken Soup and (Játrové Knedlíčky) Liver Dumplings

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Yum A while back I had been asked to post a couple of recipes, liver dumplings for soups and kolace, I have been remise at posting them up until now… finally… tada…. the liver dumplings or Játrové Knedlíčky!  The kolace are … Continue reading