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Stuffed Beef Tenderloin

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Yum There is something about the word ‘steak’ that conjures up a feeling of a very good, rich meal; maybe it’s paired with lobster or crab, for certain it’s accompanied by a baked potato and some nicely roasted vegetable. Steak … Continue reading

Beef Stroganoff with (hidden) Mushrooms over Noodles

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Hiding Things I’ve hidden different things at different times in my life, Christmas presents from eager little eyes months before the big day, making mental notes as to where I stash things only to find that I’m scrambling to remember what … Continue reading

Chocolate Wine Poached Pears with Wine Reduction

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Yum Valentine’s Valentine’s Day will fall ten days before the tenth anniversary of my daughter’s cancer diagnosis this year. Yes. February 24th. There are many dates I forget and I’m embarrassed to say that they include various close friends’ birthdays, … Continue reading

RAW: Almond – Winnipeg

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A Winter Dining Experience in Winnipeg – On the Frozen Red River Imagine being bundled up in full winter gear, walking down a frozen river in the darkness. You are starving. You haven’t had much to eat all day. The … Continue reading