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Roasted Veggie Wild Rice Salad

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Yum We had a large Christmas / Holiday gathering at our house, roasted turkey with all the fixings was on the menu as was a new treat for those who don’t eat meat.  We are such carnivores in our house … Continue reading

Gingerbread Cookies and Drizzling Chocolate

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You should never be in a hurry when drizzling chocolate, certainly not if you actually want it to look really nice.  Of course, I tend to always be in a hurry… it’s an affliction I’ve suffered from since as long … Continue reading

Hoblovačky or Czech Carpenter Curls

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Yum It’s that time of year and I’ve been desperately trying to get on top of my Christmas baking.  I’ve made a few already, for instance I’ve already made Marokanky and I’ve also made Gingerbread cookies (which just need to be … Continue reading

Eating with our Eyes at The Beachcomber – Winnipeg

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We don’t always think ahead, P and I. Sometimes we get distracted and then find ourselves scrambling for somewhere to eat, quickly before such things as plays that begin in a couple of hours. This is the situation we found … Continue reading