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It was my oldest daughter’s birthday yesterday and so tonight we had dinner and I made dinner as per her requests… Lemon Curry Chicken, baked potatoes and asparagus.  I didn’t have much time this week to make a fancy cake but I did have a pound cake left over from a gathering we had a couple of weeks ago.  The cake didn’t all get eaten and it wasn’t iced so I threw it in the freezer.  Today I turned it into a yummy trifle with pudding and whipping cream.  I have to say it was pretty yummy.

Trifle for TIMG_0043

The pound cake came from this recipe except instead of using blueberries I used cranberries this time.  I chopped up half the cake and put it in the bottom of the bowl then poured the hot pudding over top of it to let it soak the cake.  Then a layer of whipping cream.  The next layer was vanilla pudding with chunks of cake in it and I also added fresh cranberries and slivered almonds, then another layer of whipping cream and topped with candied cranberries… so easy and delicious.

Trifle for TIMG_0050



  • 2 packages of Pudding (I used Dr. Oetker and only added half the recommended sugar)
    • I package chocolate pudding
    • 1 package vanilla pudding
  • 1 left over pound cake
  • large handful of slivered almonds
  • half of a bag of cranberries (to add with the vanilla layer)
  • half of a bag of cranberries (sugared for the top)

Trifle for TIMG_0055

To sugar the cranberries bring a small pot of water to a boil and scald the cranberries, then in a bowl add a cup or so of sugar.  Drop the cranberries in the hot water and then with a slotted spoon pull them out and drop them into the sugar.  Roll them around to coat and then place on parchment paper for a bit to let them dry.  They looks so beautiful and are so good, the tart and the sweet… YUMMY… it’s a great topping I’m thinking for some Christmas favourites coming up in the next few months…

Trifle for TIMG_0063

This was a great way to repurpose leftover cake… and now I’ll have to remember to make extra cake so we can have this more often!

What do you do with your extra cakes… if you have any… 😉

Happy Birthday “T”… we love you!

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