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We’ve been home now for a few days and I just wanted to post some of the best places we ate.  We certainly didn’t eat at all the best places that were in New Orleans… often we avoided the ones that required reservations since we had it in our minds to use our feet as our main mode of transportation.  Consequently we were often very hot, sweaty and not exactly in our Sunday best wear.  So we stuck to places that were within about 6 miles from our hotel.  At any rate, here are some of our favourites.

This was my fried fish plate at the ACME Oyster House…. Fried Oysters, Shrimp and Whitefish…. in the background you’ll notice my partner’s Roast Beef Po’Boy… very good!

NOLA last post0001We also really loved Poppy’s Crazy Lobster.  This place was by the River Walk and we went there a couple of times…. seriously good!

NOLA last post0039

The fish boil, whichever combination you had was served with a couple of potatoes, corn on the cob as a sausage. The spicy kick from this was just enough to make my mouth happy.

NOLA last post0060

We also had the lobster salad…. YUP… there’s half of a lobster there… all the meat was nicely taken out of it… and it was good.

NOLA last post0046

But MY most favourite place was Cafe Amelie, in the French Quarter.  It’s a lovely courtyard and though they had lots of room to sit inside, we chose to enjoy the heat.  We found this place the day before we left and had lunch…

NOLA last post0046-2

The first time we went there we had Grilled Salmon…

NOLA last post0038

And I had the Fireball Mozzarella Salad…. the cheese was marinated in hot sauce…. a seriously fabulous bit….

NOLA last post0034

And finally… a super amazing Shrimp and Grits….

NOLA last post0040

I know it doesn’t really look that amazing but it was so good I can honestly say that I absolutely fell in love with it…. so much so that since P picked dinner for our last day… I chose this place to go back to the next day for our final lunch…… and I had the salad and I had YUP you guessed it Shrimp and Grits!  P had the Poutine… which was served with Cajun Pulled Pork…. YUM!

NOLA last post0015

Did I mention how good the Shrimp and Grits were?

NOLA last post0017


Really so stinking good that I’m going to spend the next several months trying to find and recreate this luscious meal…. if ANYONE has any suggestions or thoughts on how I can meet this new mission of mine I’m ALL OPEN!  I did, by the way, ask our server if I would be able to get the recipe and she very politely told us… likely not…. so I’m just putting it out there…. I do know that the chef has a Cajun background and she did tell us that often the shrimp sauce is based on their cooking background… HELP …. ANYONE?

Just in case you missed it earlier… 🙂  Here is my favourite meal… the most amazing Shrimp and Grits at Cafe Amelie…..

Honestly, I’m not sure that we’ll get back to NOLA anytime soon… there are just so many wonderful and amazing places to go and eat… but SERIOUSLY… I can’t imagine not ever having these most amazing Shrimp and Grits again!

NOLA last post0042


Now we’re back home and I’ll have some of my home made meals to post…. look for Popcorn Pudding… YUP… straight from the Food and Wine Magazine… and it’s good!



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