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Yum Passover “Forgotten” Macaroons found in One of the sweets that’s popular during passover, or actually anytime of the year are Macaroons.  It’s not something I make a lot as P isn’t a huge fan of coconut.  Given that I love … Continue reading

Mundel (Mendel) Bread

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Yum I started making what we lovingly call Mendel bread for our friend Mendel… many years ago.  This was his favourite treat and being a ridiculously busy family they didn’t make it often.  So I got the recipe and learned how to … Continue reading

Gefilte Fish

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Yum Not being Jewish, I’ve only ever seen gefilte fish in the store, jars and jars of it around Easter time, suspended in a gelatinous broth and often looking grey.  For me, grey is just not a color that food … Continue reading