Dukan Bread

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I have been dreaming of bread….

dukan bread0015

A nice slice of grainy… bite into…. have to chew… kind of bread….

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I had been feeling a little sluggish… actually bloated… no … to be truthful…. fat would be the most appropriate word, since the holiday season.  It must have been all that food!  🙂  I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the Dukan Diet but it’s one that has been around for a few years now and there are numerous sites that offer information as well as recipes.  I believe that before she got pregnant Princess Catherine was alleged to be on this diet and it seemed to make the news, at least that’s how I remember first hearing about it.

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At any rate this diet is supposedly similar to the Atkins diet, though I’ve never really read up on that one, and one of my daughters says it’s also not much unlike the currently popular Paleo diet.  Whatever they call it the diet essentially forces you to cut out all the bad white stuff… white sugar (or any sugar for that matter), flour and so on.  You also cut out starchy carbs and fruit (high sugar) until you clear out your system and get to your goal weight.  Though you do need to have fibre in your diet on a daily basis and this diet calls for daily oat bran throughout all the phases. Once you reach your goal weight then you add back the carbs and sugars slowly and only in moderation.  Things, I at least, don’t think we should be eating much of anyway aside from the fruit of course … nature’s candy.

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So, with a new year starting and the ‘sweet’ holidays over with I decided I would get back on track.  Gone are my morning coffee with loads of sugar and… no kidding… whipping cream… seriously… I can’t even talk about how good those are!  And gone are my afternoon pepsi or cokes when I need a pick-me-up and gone is the half loaf of fresh baked bread I devour on my way home from grocery shopping because I’m starving and haven’t eaten yet…. Yes these are my confessions.

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I’ve now been on this diet, or what I like to call a ‘cleanse’ for about 2 weeks and though I have not been hungry at all after the first couple of days… I have to say that the thing I miss most is bread… there are tons of sites that provide oat bran and egg white concoctions that have a spongy consistency. That will certainly work in a pinch and I’ve made many of them into muffins and added cocoa or cinnamon or something to fool myself into thinking they are tasty but I was on a hunt for some really good “bread”!?

I found this recipe on one of the discussion boards here posted by Patacake and what struck me about it is that it’s the first time I’ve seen a Dukan friendly bread recipe that actually uses yeast and requires baking.  Somehow the ones that are cooked in the microwave don’t appeal to my sense of what ‘bread’ is…. call me crazy… 🙂

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I was excited at the thought of eating ‘bread’ guilt free and went for it… maybe it’s my lack of bread in the last 2 weeks, maybe it’s just that good…. but I would say…. Oh MY GOD … I think I can actually live without bread and eat this instead.  To be sure, it’s not the same as white French bread but if you like grainy bread and gravitate towards whole wheat seedy stuff, I’ll tell you… this is a fabulous substitute!

Dukan Bread (makes 1 loaf)

(My adaptation of Patacake’s recipe)

  • 10 tbsp oat bran
  • 10 tbsp wheat bran
  • 8 tbsp skim milk powder
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 3 tsp dry active yeast
  • 1 tbsp fat-free yogurt
  • 4 tbsp fat-free cream cheese
  • 3 eggs
  • 5 tbsp warm water
  • 1 tbsp or more caraway seeds (and a bit extra to put on top) – optional
  • 1 tsp coarse sea salt for the top – optional

Preheat the oven to 390 degrees F.  Mix the eggs, cream cheese and yogurt in a bowl and mix the water and yeast in a separate bowl.  Once the yeast combination starts to bubble mix it with the egg, cheese and yogurt mixture.

In the meantime mix all dry ingredients together and then combine wet and dry together mixing well.

Pour the mixture into a loaf pan either silicone or regular pan lined with parchment, sprinkle with sea salt and caraway seeds.  You can leave out the caraway seeds and extra salt if you want just regular whole wheat-like bread or add them in… I made BOTH!  Bake at 390 degrees for 10 minutes then reduce temperature to 355 for an additional 20 minutes.  You can also let this bread ‘rise’ a bit in a warm place prior to baking and I’ll try that next time.

This recipe contains 5 days allowance of oat bran and 5 days worth of tolerated items.  You can slice the bread into 20 and then have 2 slices a day and make up the rest of the oat bran allowance in other ways… or you can slice them thicker like I do and just simply enjoy!!!!!

This bread is supposed to freeze well but honestly, I can’t speak to that.




27 Responses to Dukan Bread

  1. frizico says:

    I tried this recipe today with one substitution – I didn’t mix with cream cheese and just did 5 tbsps of ff plain greek yogurt. I also let it rise for about 30 minutes before I put it in the oven. It turned out pretty good! I mean, it didn’t rise like regular bread, but the consistency is nice and hearty and has that sour yeasty taste that I love in fresh baked breads. It was good fresh or toasted. I actually had a few slices toasted with tuna salad and it was delightful. I highly recommend this recipe! Thanks so much for posting!

  2. Vibeke Schou says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I also missed the bread while Dukan dieting. I made it with cottage cheese, having no yoghurt or creamcheese at hand. Works fine. Also I used poppy seeds instead of the caraway seeds, also very good.
    I cut Up the bread and froze the slices, two-three slices in each plastic bag. From freezer to toaster in the mornings – perfect.
    Thank you again and best regards from Greenland.

    Vibeke Schou, Qaqortoq

    • Pussycat says:

      You are very welcome… I’m also back on this bread. I love rye bread and so I love it best with the caraway seeds… ALMOST makes me feel like I’m not missing anything… I’m currently on day 3 of the attack phase…. would like to do one more day! 🙂 I have to say that I always feel so much better when I cut out all those starchy carbs.

  3. suheyla says:

    Thank you. After two disappointments because of different recipes finally i baked a real bread. )))) my husband and i am happy for eating that kind of healthy and delicious bread which is also homemade.

  4. Esther says:

    hello! thank you for this recipe, it’s amazing! I’ve been making it and I find it tastes much better than store bought bread.
    If I may ask a question, how do you store your bread? in the fridge, or out of it? do you slice it prior to storing it? I’ve been keeping mine in the fridge as I am kind of scared it might go rock hard… any tips would be appreciated =D thanks again!!

    • Pussycat says:

      Hi Esther,

      Glad you like it… it certainly is a good option for low carb. I often make mine in mini loaves so that they only last a few days to a week. I have sliced them and then put a couple of slices in small freezer bags… freezing them and taking them out a just a couple of slices at a time. I like them the best that way. I’m pretty sure they would stay better unsliced (less surface area to freeze and dry out) but I find I don’t like to thaw and refreeze only because when I’m eating this bread I’m generally eating a couple slices each day. Since I’m the only one who eats this at my house I find this works best for me. I will often take them out and to work with me and by lunch time they’re perfect. I’ve also kept mine in the fridge but I find that after a few days it’s just not as good… still edible but just not as good. I think I tried to keep on the counter once but it seems to go bad pretty quickly so I wouldn’t recommend that unless you’re going to eat it in a day or two. I’m not sure about all they ‘food safety’ issues… I go by how it smells and looks.

      Hope that helps,

  5. Made this today and loved it! I’m dreaming of a toasted ham and swiss on rye… and think I can even muster up a Dukan-style Reuben with some kraut on it. Thanks so much for sharing! (From a fellow czech!)

  6. JT says:

    Fantastic substitute low carb Dukan bread, it’s become a staple in my home, thank you!

  7. MARIA says:

    OMG!!!! That was great!! I made a loaf and divide it in 10 slices. I reduced the wheat bran to 5 tbsps so that I can eat 2 slices/day and it turned out great!!! Thank you so much for that wonderful recipe!!! 🙂

  8. Kathy Kurtz says:

    My husband and I have been eating this bread toasted with our breakfast for about two months now. Thank you so much for the recipe. It is great with eggs and bacon or cream cheese with sugar-free jam. I double this and put it in a large loaf pan sprayed with cooking spray. The cooking time is increased by 10 minutes. I also add about 1/4 c. of gluten to the doubled recipe which helps it rise a bit and only adds 4 g. of carbs to the whole large loaf. Only keep out about two days worth of bread and freeze the rest since it doesn’t last long without spoiling.

  9. Sanjna says:

    I made it today and it turned out pretty good. Love the recipe. Thank you for sharing. I know I will be sharing this recipe with my friends too.

    • Pussycat says:

      I’m glad you liked it…. it’s definitely my ‘go to’ when I feel like I’ve been off the wagon for too long!

  10. Sofia says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve been craving bread so much and this is definitely a good substitute. I accidentally used 3 tbsp of yeast instead of 3 tsp but it still came out yummy. I didn’t have enough creamcheese so I put more yoghurt. The only thing is that mine became very flat. Much flatter than yours. Any idea how that happened? Thanks again.

  11. I am so thankful for you posting this recipe. I’ve been doing the Dukan diet and jonesing for bread. This is delicious. I love the caraway seeds, my husband doesn’t so I put Rosemary for him on the other half. I just noticed that sesame seeds are tolerated so I will try that next. I was wondering if you tried letting it rise longer and if that made a difference. Thanks again!

  12. Sharon says:

    Does it have more of a runny texture than stiff dough texture other bread doughs have?

  13. Anne W says:

    This bread looks delicious. My son and I are on the Dukan diet and are in cruise phase. Do you know the nutritional value per slice of thei bread? How many slices can we have a day? Thank you!

    • Pussycat says:

      I actually don’t know the exact caloric count but the whole loaf is worth 5 days of bran and 5 days worth of tolerated foods. I’ve sliced into 10 equal slices and only had 2 slices per day.

      Not sure if that helps. Hope you enjoy it. It’s been my saving grace a couple of times!

  14. Kate B says:

    Tried this today, it turned out fab. I looked high and low for wheat bran though and couldn’t find anywhere, so used 15 tbsp of oat bran and 5 of oat meal. Not sure this is really allowed but only following duken as a rough guide as I am only needing to lose a few kilos.kka

  15. Suzeli Gouvea says:

    Wonderful recipe . Did anyone ever tried on a bread machine ?
    Thank you

  16. Therese C says:

    Has anyone tried this with all oat bran and left out the wheat bran?

    • zeina says:

      I’ve tried something similar with only oat bran, just substitute wheat bran for oat bran, still turns out amazing 🙂 and so yummy and crunchy when out of the oven, add a little low fat cheese and chicken stripes with Dudu mayo and its awesome 🙂

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