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Srnci Hrbety – Reindeer Ribs

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As long as I can remember my mom has been making this cake at Christmas time.  It has been a favorite of many who have indulged and it requires several steps.  The most traditional version uses an ‘almond cake’ pan, … Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Prunes

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Yum As I try to find the energy to wrap presents this sunny and very cold winter afternoon…. I’m trying NOT to make my way through a box of treats that I’ve been hiding for a little bit.  Seriously… I … Continue reading

Vosi Hnizda or Bee Hives

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Yum I wish I could tell you all that I made these, but I have been sick with a nasty cold that has even kept me home from work so as much as I wanted to make them, the ones … Continue reading

Kokosove Kulicky- Coconut Rum Balls

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Yum Some things just scream Christmas to me.  These are the same things that my mind goes to when the wind is throwing the snow around outside and we’re on our holiday countdown on a day like today.  They were … Continue reading

Marokanky – Christmas Fruit Cookies

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Yum Now that my Christmas Baking muscles are getting warmed up… Another cookie… the Czech’s answer to Fruitcake!  The ‘dreaded’ candied fruit in the best cookie you’ll ever have this season.  My mother started making these quite some years ago … Continue reading

Lemon Linzer Cookies with Cranberries

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I’ve been so excited to get back into the kitchen and so I’m kicking off the Christmas baking season with a very traditional cookie made to be eaten quickly!  Often these cookies are made, half with holes, half whole and … Continue reading