Batman Birthday Cake

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Last week was my friend’s daughter’s birthday and I made a Castle cake for her, this weekend was another friend’s son’s 6th birthday.  The castle cake was fun, certainly not without it’s challenges, and learning moments and I expected that to happen.  But when I embarked on this I never imagined doing a Batman cake, but he is turning 6 and he loves Batman.  No big surprise I suppose but that wasn’t the kind of cake I had thought about doing.

Batman Cake0008

Needless to say I scoured the internet for images and many of them were very similar blue and yellow with a black Batman logo.  But there was one, that looked similar to the one I made and as much as I’d love to give the person who created it credit, I was unable to link to a site.  I only found an image on Google images.  So, I’m sorry I don’t link to that person’s site here but thanks so much for posting the picture, I’d say it’s much more original that many of the others.  I must say that I’m quite happy with it.  PC says I shouldn’t have put the lettering on the cape but I still think it’s too cool.

Batman Cake0012

I had so much fun making this one, I had learned from my mistakes on the last one, though it didn’t hurt that I didn’t need to be concerned at all about any food intolerances.   (I found out after the fact that one of the kids at the party has peanut allergies, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t contain any nuts but I can’t be 100% sure).

Batman Cake0013

I used the WASC cake recipe and the bottom layer is chocolate and the top is vanilla. The filling between the cakes is simple.  Plain whipping cream with a bit of meringue powder between the vanilla layers and my mom’s Parisian chocolate whipping cream that I used to cover my version of the Boston Cream Pie between the chocolate cake.

Batman Cake0024

I bought the fondant and colored it, mainly I used white but for the black I started with the chocolate fondant.  It’s much easier to color an already darker fondant black.  I have to say that most of this was fairly simple, though the heads of the bats were a bit of a struggle.  It’s challenging to get small details and sharp points accurate…. imaging doing this with pasty gum… that’s kinda what it’s like if you’ve never done it.  I obviously cheated on the lettering and used a form; just couldn’t imagine trying to do that freehand!

Batman Cake0031

All in all I would say it’s a success and I’m quite happy with it.  Happy Birthday Connor…. hope 6 is fabulous!

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