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Boston Cream Pie

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Another fun cake this weekend, to thank another wonderful couple of folks who helped us move and … okay I have to admit… excuse to make something sweet and use the flowers I made at the last cake decorating class. … Continue reading

Swiss Chard Chorizo Cups

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I received a big plastic bag full of garden fresh swiss chard the other day from my co-worker and had no idea what to do with it.  I cruised the net and found some interesting breakfast cups, and with a … Continue reading

Lemon Birthday Cake

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Yum My youngest daughter’s birthday fell somewhere in the crazy move out and move in and so we didn’t celebrate it the way we would have, with a nice dinner and cake.  I promised her a meal of her choice … Continue reading


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There hasn’t been much fun cooking time yet, though there sure has been a lot of utility cooking…  😉  But in the midst of all this moving and unpacking I was slightly guilted into going strawberry picking, tis the season … Continue reading

Summer Potato Salad

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Yum All right, so I realize I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, but in all fairness life has been an insane whirlwind lately.  From finishing university classes to buying a new house, selling the old one… very quickly … Continue reading