Banana “ice cream”

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Today my little “T” came over with a discovery…. She’s such a health nut … and a skinny one at that… that it can sometimes drive us nuts…. however…. probably not quite a new discovery… but one that is revamped perhaps… she and I made “ice-cream” … no added sugar and only three ingredients… yummmy!

banana ice cream fixedIMG_0022

Hello Everyone! I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of ice cream. However, I don’t love “modified milk ingredients”, processed or refined sugars, and preservatives that I can’t pronounce. After reading my mom’s “GOOG” post I did a little research and came up with this little diddy: Banana “ice-cream”.

banana ice creamIMG_0034

Our recipe today contains several ingredients but it works with the main ingredient alone. Bananas, when frozen and whipped up in a food processor take on a consistency remarkably like soft serve ice-cream. Throw in the freezer for a few hours and BAM! You’ve got ice-cream.

banana ice cream IMG_0075

It goes like this:

  • Bananas – (peeled, chopped and frozen, preferably pretty ripe) As many as you want
  • Plain coco powder – as much as you want
  • A dash of whatever liquid you want to get the mixture going in the food processor. Almond milk, cream, soy milk, whatever floats your boat – we added a splash of cream and a bigger splash of Frangelico 😉 the inclusion of booze will help the mixture to stay soft if you have any to put in the freezer… but isn’t necessary.

Feel free to “go rogue” as I like to put it and throw in whatever else you like, we added walnuts into the food processor for some protein and fat.

Blend well in your food processor and enjoy.

Make no mistake though, this is a dessert food. For curiosity’s sake I compared the nutritional value of a banana to comparable serving of your average ice-cream. Bananas have a comparable amount of sugar and carbohydrates (sometimes more depending on the ice-cream you’re eating) so proceed with caution.

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