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Before this trip two places that I really wanted to visit were Louisiana and San Francisco.  It’s all about the food for us and since we live in the middle of the prairies we don’t have easy access to fresh seafood.  Don’t you always want what you don’t have???  For me that’s an abundance of seafood.  Anytime we travel anywhere I’m always looking for the best places to enjoy some seafood.  Preferably hot and spicy seafood.


One amazing stop I have to share from our Vegas trip… Lola’s Louisiana Kitchen… It was featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.  As soon as we knew we were going to Vegas I looked up Triple D’s restaurants online and this one instantly jumped to the top of my list. I just knew I had to go there… Louisiana cajun food right in Vegas… it’s like the benefit of two places in one!

It took a little work finding this place, we drove right by it the first time.  It’s not exactly on a scenic street even though the outside seating look nice enough in this picture… the busy underpass that runs right beside it and the car repair shop that is right beside leave a little to be desired… not what one would look for when in Vegas… but the food… well that’s another matter and it more than makes up for the view…  😉

Soft Shelled crab

We started with the soft-shelled crab and it was yuuuuummmmy…. it came with a mustard sauce that had a little bit of a bite… very good.


Who could resist the grilled oysters… they were so simple and so good… a little bit of parmesan and a drip of hot sauce… a little taste of the sea… they were delicious… as was the bread… and that’s another story… so… so… crispy and tasty and just perfect with the oysters.  I always hate it when places don’t give you enough bread to go with the food.  I always feel like there should be a bite with every bit of say oysters but in this case you didn’t need it… the oysters definitely stood on their own… even still… it was a very enjoyable piece of bread.



Next was the po’boy… I couldn’t decide… I really wanted one of everything… I got to have two in one by ordering the oyster and cajun shrimp… they let me have half and half…. I’ll admit the cajun shrimp was amazing… it had such a nice bite to it … all that warm fire… very… very….good and the bun… well I can’t even tell you how incredible the bun was… I’m sure I’ve never had a bun as soft and flaky as this one…. they apparently fly them in from Louisiana… and I would say that it’s well worth it!  The sweet potato fries were a hit… oh so so nice and crispy.

Lastly… I did have dessert… it was the sweet potato and pecan pie… no… unfortunately I did not take a picture… it was starting to get dark out… it was a little cold and I wasn’t dressed for it and the pie really just disappeared way too fast… I was just not so much in the mood for taking pictures at that point… it had been a long day.

I will say though… if you’re ever in Vegas… Lola’s is worth the drive… and worth the stop…. yummy Louisiana food off the beaten path in Vegas!


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