Salt and Pepper Wings

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You don’t need any kind of dip or sauce for these little babies.  They are good naked!  All on their own.  And I dare you to eat just one….

20130212-IMG_0032 wings close up

Have you had salt and pepper ribs at the restaurant?  These are just like those, but in wings.  Now, I know they’re deep fried, and I won’t tell anyone if you won’t… but the crisp on these from the fryer is so crunchy you just can’t justify having them any other way.

So stock up on the shirataki noodles (here) so that you can have these once in a while, with an ice cold beer… and a dash of lemon… If you’ve been reading my posts you know how much I love spicy… but I have to tell you I don’t miss it here!  So easy…. so good… and oh so so so bad..  😉

20130212-IMG_0034 wings2

First heat up oil in deep fryer… hope you haven’t thrown yours out!  Then dredge the wings in flour and deep fry until nice an golden brown.  Toss into a bowl lined with paper towels to catch the extra grease, and before the are dried, salt and pepper them liberally.  Use a heavy hand here.  It’s the salt and pepper that brings out all the goodness.  Slice up some lemon and serve.  Hot…. maybe with a cold beer!

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