Pasta with White Meatballs and Mushroom Sauce

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This is the easiest mushroom sauce ever!  As you know I’ve been in love with the homemade pasta found here, and I keep looking for excuses to make it.  This time my excuse is my love of mushrooms.  No one in my house likes mushrooms except me.  So when I had company over for lunch I decided to make pasta one of the sauces I made was this wonderful mushroom sauce.

It comes from my homemade cream of mushroom soup, just a twist on it really… a little thicker and voila… you have a mushroom sauce you can put on pasta.  Pair that with ground chicken and pork meatballs and you have a glorious meal that isn’t too heavy because the meatballs are really quite light.


First you make the pasta found in my earlier post, (pasta post) then you make the meatballs with ground chicken and pork, a squirt of mustard, a sprinkle of salt and pepper, a handful of green onions or a diced white onion and handful of crumbled feta cheese, an egg or two, bread crumbs to bind it all together and your done.  No real measured ingredients here, just a throwing of what you have available in the kitchen.  Roll them into meatballs and bake them for about 20 – 30 minutes at 350… cut one in half to make sure they are cooked through. (I actually didn’t time mine so so I can’t tell you exactly) You can also fry them in a pan but I opted to bake them, just a little healthier.


Now for the mushroom sauce, still no real measuring, finely dice an onion and fry in a saucepan, in the meantime slice up all the fresh mushrooms, I used the button ones this time, nothing fancy.  Throw the mushrooms in and fry until they are lightly browned.  Then add a couple of tablespoons of flour and stir frequently to brown the flour.  Add either chicken broth cup by cup until you have the consistency of gravy, salt and pepper to taste.  Pour over hot pasta and meatballs and yummy!

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