Ricotta Pound Cupcakes

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I was looking for a variation on a pound cake.  I wanted something creamy and dense and yummy.  The pound cake really is a staple in so many kitchens and if you just make a plain one the variations on the toppings is endless.

This pound cake seems to be a bit of a blend of my mother’s cheese cake made with dry cottage cheese  and cake… I found it on Jules Food and it looked amazing.  I have to admit that I was also looking for another use for my home made ricotta and this was just the ticket. Muffin servings make this treat just the right size for those of us who would otherwise overindulge… 😉  I followed the recipe but used ricotta instead of goat’s cheese maybe next time I’ll try it with the home made feta.

The homemade ricotta recipe can be found here… and the jam recipe (Nectarine with Ginger and Jalapenos) will be posted shortly!

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