Salted Bacon Caramels

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Yee ha…. the long weekend is done!  I know, it’s not often that people cheer the end of weekends, especially long weekends but this one has been particularly difficult, challenging, draining, exasperating… whatever you want to call it.

I spent all three days in bed… yup, all day Saturday, all day Sunday and all day Monday.  It’s not what you’re thinking  😉  and I know that it’s not because you would not have guessed it.  I am a closet writer and by closet I mean that I don’t often tell people that writing would be my dream job.  I have a million stories in my head and not near enough time to get them on paper, with working, school and all the other stuff, there are just too many distractions.  Every labour day weekend a 3 day novel event is happening in peoples’ homes, this was the first year I had heard about it… and signed up for it.  For all the crazy details you can go online to see… 3DayNovel…  But the long and short of it is that you have 3 days, from 12:01am Saturday morning until 11:59pm Monday to write a novel.  It can be about anything!  It just has to be written in the 3 day time frame.

Then you submit your manuscript and the first prize winner gets published, this is their 35th year. There are also second and third prizes and often several honourable mentions.  And there are also bragging rights to be able to say that you did it…. AND I DID IT!

I birthed almost 20,000 words in just under 90 pages, a little short of the average but this was my first year.  And now I have a first draft of a story that has been itching to get out.  Uni classes start tomorrow so I’m not sure when I’ll have another chunk of time to work on it and play with it but for now that’s not on my mind…for now I’m just happy that it’s done.


Now you also need some pretty special food/snacks to get you through a harrowing adventure like this one and I wanted to share my “brain food”. I saw this on Not Without Salt and thought it would be just the right combo of protein, sugar and fat to get me through…. might I say they are absolutely yummy….

Just as an aside, there have been many times I have attempted to make caramel and it has always been hit and miss.  Sometimes it turns out fabulous other times when I try to mix in the cream the whole thing explodes and the golden sugar has turned into a hard sweet rock!  So… I’ve stayed away from making them, until now…. damn they are good!!!

Here are my Salted Bacon Caramels!


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