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Homemade Pasta

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Yum So it’s time I came clean and gave up my latest addiction…. I’m nervous to give it to you though because if you actually try these… once you know how incredibly simple they are… you too will be completely … Continue reading

Chocolate Sweetbread

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I have obviously been on a carb binge… and you don’t even know about the scratch made pasta that I’ve fallen in love with, I’ll add that next time…  Challah … Brioche… I wasn’t really sure which way to go … Continue reading

Twisted Cinnamon Bread

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Okay so I saw this online and just had to try it.  It looked so easy to make look so beautiful and who doesn’t love a cinnamon bread/bun?  I remember my mother making cinnamon buns and they were always soooo … Continue reading


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I know that I’m beginning to look like a hoarder, with the cherries and tomatoes and now the rhubarb but really I’m not.  I just love good food and will make anything, in large quantities, if it’s something that I … Continue reading

Slow Roasted Tomatoes

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Yum   I haven’t been a fan of tomatoes for a long time. Too many of them give me a rash and any that I get at the grocery store taste more like I imagine baseballs to taste, rather than … Continue reading

Salted Bacon Caramels

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Yee ha…. the long weekend is done!  I know, it’s not often that people cheer the end of weekends, especially long weekends but this one has been particularly difficult, challenging, draining, exasperating… whatever you want to call it. I spent … Continue reading