Wild Rice Pudding

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I have a huge bag of wild rice that I purchased from up north so I am always looking for creative ways to cook it.  I have to admit that not only do I love the nuttiness of wild rice but I also love that it’s a whole grain and good for you.  I was craving Indian Spiced rice pudding and so I created this with all the flavour of traditional Indian Rice Pudding with nice cardamom flavour and undertones of coconut but with the nuttiness of wild rice.  YUMMY.

  • 1Cup Wild Rice
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk
  • 1 Can Coconut Milk
  • 2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
  • 1Tablespoon Cardamom
  • 2 Bay Leaves



Cook the wild rice, cardamom and bay leaves in coconut and almond milk until all the grains are open.  Add brown sugar to sweeten to taste.  Garnish with coconut and or chopped dried cranberries or let your imagination take you away.


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