Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookies

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Ain’t no mountain high enough…. ain’t no valley low enough… ain’t no river wide enough… to keep me from you….

 I mentioned these cookies to someone this morning and instantly I heard that song in my head.  This is the tune that rings in my head, along with Diana Ross’s killer voice when I bake or even think about these cookies!  I have a take-home exam to complete this weekend for one of my university courses and a fair bit of housework to catch up on but since I’ve made these twice before (double batches both times) I just couldn’t resist.  Not only am I thinking about what I wouldn’t do for them, but I’m also thinking what I should be doing after eating them, climbing mountains, swimming rivers… and that’s because once you make these little devils you won’t be able to keep your hands off them.

I first found them on Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach  and followed the recipe to Two Peas and their Pod . I have to say that they have become my favorite cookie and I’m not usually much of a cookie person.  This cookie stays so soft and chewy and the caramel is always soft, I’m telling you, I still hear it… Ain’t no mountain….

I used Werther’s soft caramels cut in half, and I think they work best with coarse sea salt.  The first time I made them the butter wasn’t very hot because I just melted in the microwave and since it wasn’t hot enough to melt the sugar they were a little dry. Even when I added an extra bit of butter so a great many of them cracked letting the caramel seep out, also I think I skimped a little on the amount of dough I put around the caramel, be generous!

That first double batch was a disaster, I’d say half of them broke open and I had to get rid of them fast.  🙂  They should be called the Disappearing Cookie.  Even the ones that didn’t leak disappeared that evening and by the next morning it was clear I had to make another double batch!

Now that I have some fresh ones made, it’s off to my computer to finish my homework so I can enjoy the rest of this long Easter weekend only worrying how to burn off these damn cookies.

Happy Easter cookies everyone!!!

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