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Wild Rice Pudding

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Yum I have a huge bag of wild rice that I purchased from up north so I am always looking for creative ways to cook it.  I have to admit that not only do I love the nuttiness of wild … Continue reading

Pickled Herring Salad

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I had something for lunch today that my mother had very regularly when she was incubating me.  In the Czech Republic most office buildings had cafeterias attached to them and the menu was full of home made healthy food, from … Continue reading

Potato Pancakes

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These were a weekend favorite and I suppose may be the reason why I’m partial to the pressed together, deep fried hash browns of one fast food restaurants, though not seasoned nearly as well as these.  I love these and … Continue reading

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookies

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Ain’t no mountain high enough…. ain’t no valley low enough… ain’t no river wide enough… to keep me from you….  I mentioned these cookies to someone this morning and instantly I heard that song in my head.  This is the … Continue reading


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“Pussycat… I’m home… go get the blindfold.”  Master instructed as he came in the back door with several containers of Lemon Gelato.  “It’s TRUTH time!” There is truly something amazing about eating with a blindfold on.  I’d never had the … Continue reading