Chicken Brown Rice

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It’s been a very long week at our house, one of those weeks when we have so much on our plates that we can only make it to the grocery store to get a ready roasted chicken.  That’s what we did earlier. The roasted chickens at our local grocery store are seasoned well and roasted fresh everyday.  Some days, when we’re in a rush and have a full evening planned we just grab one and it makes for a quick healthy dinner.  Our dog often benefits from the scraps when there isn’t much left.   But when there’s a leg or more left over this is the dish that transforms some scraps of chicken into a household favorite.

No hard and fast measurements here folks… you just mix and taste and it’s good to go.

Cook about 2 cups of brown or white rice as per the instructions on the package.  While that’s cooking, in a large frying pan, fry a diced onion with a little bit of oil.  While the onions are frying, clean all of the meat off of the chicken and dice, set aside.  Once the onions are translucent then add the diced chicken meat into the pan.  Fry and season liberally with salt and pepper you can add either peas or corn to the mixture here to include some vegetables.  Keep chicken mixture warm until the rice is ready then, once cooked, toss the rice into the pan with the meat and mix thoroughly.  You can add a little bit of soya sauce to season further and to give it a little color.   Serve with pickles or beets on the side and enjoy.

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