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Honey Cake (Medovnik)

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This cake is butter, nut and honey heaven.  It is filled and covered with a rich butter cream caramel and nuts.  A truly traditional Czech dessert!  The caramel is the easiest I’ve ever seen and the hard cookies turn into … Continue reading

Chicken Brown Rice

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It’s been a very long week at our house, one of those weeks when we have so much on our plates that we can only make it to the grocery store to get a ready roasted chicken.  That’s what we … Continue reading

Beef and Dumplings with Dill Sauce

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Growing up this was a very traditional Sunday dinner.  The dill sauce is very creamy and hearty.  Also, these dumplings were  a staple around our house, some old czech recipes make them with yeast, but we find them a little … Continue reading

Chocolate Lemon Cake

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This recipe started out as something else.  I was going to make a traditional Czech cake called the Sachr Dort, essentially Sachr Cake.  Perhaps I will make that the next time, but for now it is the same cake with … Continue reading

Cauliflower and Dip

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Okay so I didn’t mention in the title that this dish is deep-fried, and yes, I know that deep-frying food isn’t in vogue, but really is there anything better?  I think not.  Now on it’s own the cauliflower doesn’t really … Continue reading

Peppercorn Pork Chops

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This is a really easy and flavorful sauce that can be used with beef or pork and it can be made very quickly once you have the peppercorns marinated and ready for use.  These marinated peppercorns can be purchased already … Continue reading

Fruit Dumplings

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Yum My mother used to make these a little differently and they were always a hit.  We’ve often had them for brunch on the weekends. Yummy! I’ve generally stayed away from making them because with having to stuff the fruit … Continue reading

Tripe Soup

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Tripe soup is something that not everyone will like, it has a very unique flavour and the texture of the tripe itself can turn people off.  I can’t really ever remember not liking it because it was something I grew … Continue reading